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KurzbeschreibungCliquid 3.3 to Cliquid 3.4 Upgrade eLicense
Ausführliche BeschreibungOne (1) eLicense for the Cliquid 3.4 software for users needing to upgrade Cliquid 3.3 to Cliquid 3.4. The Cliquid 3.4 software kit is designed for users who want to easily adopt LC-MS/MS for routine use with the minimum of training and experience required. Cliquid 3.4 is compatible with iMethod™ applications which may be purchased or downloaded through the iMethod™ application website. Cliquid 3.4 supports the Windows 10 operating system, and is a direct replacement of Cliquid 3.3 without any feature or functionality difference. Additional functionality can be accessed through the Cliquid software with the purchase of licenses for: Cliquid ChemoView, AA45 (aTRAQ and iTRAQ), Library Screening, and LIMS Compatibility. Cliquid 3.4 supports Win 7 and Win 10, on 64-bit operating system and supports 64-bit Office 2013 and 2016. This version of Cliquid software is no longer compatible with Office 2010 and 32-bit Office 2013.
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