Success Virtual

This Personalized Program is based on the Primary Learner's Instrument, software and workflow. This program is recommended for Learners that have experience with LC-MS and are looking to learn more about a specific piece of software or additional operations information related to their SCIEX LC-MS system. The curriculum is a unique blend of Self-paced eLearning and live virtual training. This follows the spaced learning approach to maximize learning retention. Includes: Application Scientist assigns Self-pacedeLearning courses in SCIEXUniversity based on your needs 2 sessions of Live virtual Web EX training with an Applications Scientist to personalize additional instruction and answer questions to ensure your success. Total time of 3hrs for live sessions Personalized for 1 Primary Learner Access to SCIEXUniversity database of >100 eLearnings as well as SCIEXNow online Support tools available for up to 3 Learners. Valid for 12 months from date of purchase. See latest course information in the SCIEX University online Catalog:

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