eLearning Path - Screening on SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP Systems using Analyst Software

• Overview: This SCIEX Now Learning Hub program is a self-paced eLearning path for screening on SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems using Analyst Software. It is designed for learners with limited operational experience with LC-MS systems and delivered in a dynamic format that significantly improves retention. Upon completion of the course, you will be comfortable with: o Understanding the fundamentals of LC and MS, as well as triple quadrupole and linear ion trap technology o Performing instrument tuning and calibration o Creating and optimizing LC-MS/MS methods o Performing data acquisition, qualitative and quantitative processing o Maintaining and troubleshooting your instrument • Who should attend: Learners with limited operational experience with LC-MS systems who want to learn how to use SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems for screening using Analyst Software. • Pre-requisites: None. • What’s included: o 3 Hours of Introductory eLearning. o 4 Hours of Software and workflow related eLearning. o 4 Hours of Advanced eLearning. o Enrollment for 1 learner. o Online workflow certificate upon successful completion of final exam. o P.A.C.E.® Continuing Education Credits: up to 2.5 credits for selected modules. o Permanent access to all course materials for reference. o Access to > 100 SCIEX Now Learning Hub Self-paced eLearning, lectures, demonstrations as well as SCIEX Now online Support tools. o See latest course information in the SCIEX Now Learning Hub online catalog: https://sciex.com/support/training/course-catalog • Training location: Virtual (eLearning Path) • Follow on courses: o TRNSU153 1 Day Introduction to MS Maintenance at Customer Site o N020-0514 1 Day Personalized Application Support at Customer Site

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