3 Day Transition to SCIEX OS for SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP Systems Virtual

This SCIEX University Training is a unique blend of instructor-led training, hands-on laboratory exercises and self-paced eLearning provided in a virtual format. It follows the proven spaced learning approach to maximize learning retention. This course is intended for those who are experienced with the operation of SCIEX LC-MS/MS systems. This program is currently offered on all SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP systems that support acquisition using SCIEX OS. Upon completion of the course, you should be comfortable with creating and optimizing SCIEX OS acquisition methods, performing data acquisition and quantitative data processing, and maintaining and troubleshooting your system. It includes the following: 9 hours of virtual instruction delivered over 3 day by an experienced Applications Support Scientist. Related self-paced eLearning courses, reference material and lab exercises. Workflow Certificate upon successful completion of a final exam and permanent access to all course materials for reference. Access to SCIEX University database of >100 eLearning courses as well as SCIEX Now online for all your support needs. Valid for 12 months from date of purchase. See latest course information and register for a session in the SCIEX University online Catalog: https://sciex.com/support/training/course-catalog

Artikelnummer ProduktnameStart DateEnd DateLocationPreis Anzahl
0b6960ea-ca5b-42bd-b6db-89ea3d63a4fb 3 Day Transition to SCIEX OS for SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP Systems VirtualSept. 13, 2021Sept. 15, 2021Virtual
4.222,01 €
8ecdd5a6-ad08-41ee-9c79-dd0c7f933746 3 Day Transition to SCIEX OS for SCIEX Triple Quad and QTRAP Systems VirtualNov. 15, 2021Nov. 17, 2021Virtual
4.222,01 €

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