Fast Glycan Labeling and Analysis Kit

This kit is designed to rapidly label glycoprotein released N-Glycans with APTS followed by effective removal of the excess dye using magnetic bead-based clean-up. The labeled glycans are then separated by high-resolution capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detection using the HR-NCHO separation matrix. Glycan identification is determined based on their normalized electrophoretic mobility referenced against pre-determined GU values using appropriate bracketing standards. This kit includes M1 (Qty: 22 mL); D1 (QTY: 0.05 mL x 5 vials); D2 (QTY: 250mM/50 uL dried x 5 vials); D3 (QTY: 1.5 mL x 1 vial); D4 (QTY: 1.5 mL x 2 vials); L5 (QTY: 5 mg x 1 vial); L6 (QTY: 5 mg x 5 vials); GU ladder (QTY: 5 mg x 1 vial); IST (Internal Standard) (QTY: 5 mg x 1 vial); BST (Bracketing Standard mixture) (QTY: 10 pmol x 1 vial); HR-NCHO separation gel (QTY: 56 mL); Magnetic Separator (QTY: 1 pc); and P/N A55625 Preassembled cartridge (QTY: 1 pc).

2.410,10 €

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