Advanced cIEF Starter Kit

This kit is used to determine a protein’s charge variants to help establish identity and stability. Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (cIEF) is a powerful technique that allows quantitative analysis of a protein’s isoelectric point (pI). In cIEF, a mixture of sample and ampholyte is introduced into a capillary and subjected to electrophoretic separation. In this process, a pH gradient through which analytes migrate to their respective pI is formed. The PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System automates advanced cIEF technology necessary to successfully achieve high precision and quantitative separations. Use of optimized universal methods and synthetic pI markers attain the highest levels of precision in pI calculation and direct isoform quantitation with on-line UV detection. The kit includes P/N 477441 Neutral Capillary (Qty: 1), P/N 477497 cIEF gel (Qty: 1), and P/N A58481 pI Peptide Marker Kit (Qty: 1).

1.345,00 €

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